Family & company Brandner – Awards & milestones

The wealth of ideas within the company, the know-how of those involved, productivity and efficiency of the entire team and involvement in outstanding projects, have all been rewarded with several prizes and awards over the years.

Start-up award for 'Die Gastfreundlichen'
Maecenas culture sponsoring prize for 'Die Floßfahrt'

Maecenas culture sponsoring prize for 'Stromlinien'

Maecenas culture sponsoring prize for 'acoptera' at the Linzer Klangwolke event

Maecenas Lower Austria prize in recognition of services provided for 'acoptera' at the Linzer Klangwolke event

Klangwolke Linz: 4 barges, 1 pontoon and the largest floating engineering and salvage ship on the Danube - the "Drei Gebrüder". The ship was positioned across the flow of the danube and used for several hours to bridge the banks of the river.


Ferry connection: Motor ferry "Christoph" provided a link between the banks of the Danube on the Mostviertel side and the Machland side for the half year during which the Wallsee-Mitterkirchen Danube power station bridge was closed.

Golden Badge of Honour for services to the county of Lower Austria awarded to Franz Brandner (KR)

Austrian and Lower Austrian Maecenas culture sponsoring prize services provided during the Summer festival in Melk. In the 3rd act of Dantes drama 'Divine Comedy' a BRANDNER equipment carrier ship was used to transport the entire stage and the grandstand along a section of the Danube. At the helm for all 17 performances was the senior chief executive himself, Captain Franz Brandner (KR).

2007 – 2009
'Hubert von Goisern Linz Europa Tour 2007 – 2009': On the first stage of a tour that visited several countries the musician and singer embarked on a musical journey along the Danube. The tour ship was a 103 m towboat 'MS Josef Brandner' coupled with a barge. An additional boat provided space to live for the musicians and their team. The barge was equipped with its own specuial stage for the tour. BRANDNER provided the know-how and all the floating vessels.

Lower Austrian Prize for Tourism in the category 'Business and Commerce'

TAI advertising Grand Prix for www.brandner.at, Signum Laudis in bronze
MAECENAS culture sponsoring prize for the "Hubert von Goisern project for BRANDNER Shipping for the journey from Wallsee to the Black Sea and to the North Sea"

MAECENAS culture sponsoring prize for "long-term sponsorship engagement"

EUF award for a successful continuation of management after the handover to female managers
Sternengreifer Prize – awarded by the regional association of the districts of Amstetten, Melk, Scheibbs and the chartered town of Waidhofen/Ybbs in recognition of the lifetime achievements of Franz Brandner (KR).

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