New shipping center in Melk

The new shipping center in Melk is taking shape!

Work has been going on on the construction site for over 2 years. First the new bridge was built over the old arm, then the access road was adapted and now the actual centerpiece is on. Liner shipping is moving to the Danube and will depart from a new Danube station in the future.The former Danube station No. 9 moves into the oxbow lake and will be available for cabin shipping (under the new No. 41).In addition to a breathtaking exclusive view of Melk Abbey, this pier offers all the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. Additional garbage disposal sites will be created for the ships, WiFi will be installed at all Danube stations and, above all, a spacious new bus and car parking lot with water extraction points and electrical connections will be built.The art object “Doora” on Donauspitz will become the ultimate photo point. The entire project should be ready with the start of the liner shipping season in April 2022! Melk will thus become the most modern and attractive passenger port in Lower Austria! DonauStationen is a project partner and supports the project with all possible resources and financial means! 

We look forward to the new entrance in Melk!

Photo credits (c) Christian Winkler Landschaftsplanung
New shipping center in Melk
New shipping center in Melk
New shipping center in Melk

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