Tulln is garden!

Danube Station Tulln No. 26 greatly newly-arranged!

Tulln is garden! In the course of the GREEN ART 2018 in Tulln the entrance from the water to the town around Danube Station No. 26 has been greatly newly-arranged with exquisite garden exhibits and floral elements. Those guests, who are following this invitation into the town of gardens – Tulln – will experience garden culture in prime quality: garden as passion, experiment and existence. As a part of the garden summer of Lower Austria entitled “GREEN ART – a town is outgrowing” the city of Tulln presents itself from May till September 2018 from its blooming and most glorious side. The cultural heart of GREEN ART are works of art in public spaces as well as an exhibition of contemporary art in the city hall / Minorite Monastery which is called “#TullnArt – garden of artists”.

 Danube Stations would therefore warmly recommend to experience this pleasure with all senses.


Tulln is garden!
Tulln is garden!
Tulln is garden!

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