AMA Waterways


Ama Waterways would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for the excellent, long-standing cooperation it has enjoyed with Danube Stations. The countless Danube Station jetties and facilities of the along the Danube are situated in premium locations and are always very clean, tidy and well maintained. They allow us to dock very quickly and enable our passengers to board and disembark quickly and easily, thus contributing significantly to a positive holiday experience. The booking and invoicing system is simple and efficient. We are delighted to be continuing our cooperative relationship with Danube Stations.

AMA Waterways
Rudi Schreiner
President / Co-Owner

Viking River Cruises


Cultures have developed over the centuries wherever the Danube flows'. A Danube cruise is a unique opportunity to combine the ancient with the modern, to get to know the places and the people - at first hand.

Viking River Cruises is the leading provider of river cruises. Due to its cooperative and productive partnership with Danube Stations it is able to initiate contact between its passengers, the places of cultural interest and the people who live along the Danube.

The Danube station facilities are the gates to towns, cities, communities and individuals along the banks of the Danube. It is this well-developed network of destinations and the facilities provided by Danube Stations that make Wachau so well worth visiting in this form.

Thomas Bogler
Vice President Nautic & Technic
Viking River Cruises AG

KD Cruise Services Lt.


KD Cruise Services Ltd. is contracted and paid by Premicon Cruise Ltd. and Scenic Rivercruise AG to carry out all ship management tasks for their entire fleet of 29 river cruise ships in the Rhein, Mosel, Main, MDK, Danube, Rhone and the Seine.

We have been working with the Donau Schiffsstationen GmbH since 2003. In over 10 years of cooperation Donau Schiffsstationen and the people who represent the company have always been reliable partners. The safe and well-maintained landing jetties are equipped with all the supply and disposal facilities cruise ships require and the majority of them are in places heavily frequented by tourists. It is particularly important to know we can rely on the experience and commitment of the Danube Ship Stations company, a company run by the owners, also in difficult situations, such as when flooding occurs. Donau Schiffsstationen is also one of the few privately owned companies along the Danube that is reacting to the growing numbers of river cruise ships by building new stations, and by developing and expanding the existing ones to be even better and even safer.

Hence, we at KD Cruise Services Ltd. intend to continue our partnership with Donau Schiffsstationen for a long time to come.

KD Cruise Services Ltd
Wolfgang Behrend
Managing Director

A-Rosa Flussschiff GmbH


A-Rosa Flussschiff GmbH offers passengers wonderful and unforgettable Danube cruises in the premium segment. Donau Schiffsstationen is a reliable partner and plays a large role in the smooth running of cruise operations.

The ability to be able to plan for the availability of top quality moorings is a key aspect in the problem-free implementation of our timetabled services. By working with Donau Schiffsstationen we can rely on such availability"

A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH
Uwe Rohde
Senior Developer Port Logistic / Nautic

Rivertech B.V.


Rivertech BV has been cooperating with Donau Schiffsstationen GmbH from Wallsee on the beautiful blue Danube for many years now. Rivertech BV currently operates nine Amawaterways ships and two 'Rheni' ships on the Danube, and in 2015 another two Amawaterways ships will be joining them.
Danube station facilities are all very refined and pristine, which is very important to Rivertech BV. After all, our 5* ships deserve no less than excellence when it comes to mooring facilities.

When we book moorings for the Austrian Danube our foremost partner is Donau Schiffstationen. Lisandra Stadler and Maria Kleindl always do their utmost to ensure everything is organised to our complete satisfaction, and as clients we feel very well-looked-after by Donau Schiffsstationen.

The owner, Birgit Brandner-Wallner, also goes to great lengths on our behalf, as was the case with the extras organised for special occasions such as the launch of the Amadolce and for the maiden voyage of the Amareina. 5* ships deserve 5*- mooring facilities and that's what the danube stations provide! We hope to be able to work with Donau Schiffsstationen GmbH for many years to come.

Rivertech B.V.
André van Olderen
Nautical & Technical Supervisor

Where we are!

Donau Schiffsstationen GmbH
A-3313 Wallsee
Ufer 50, Austria

How to contact us!

F +43 7433 2591-25
T +43 7433 2591


Mon. - Thur.: 08:00 - 17:00
Fri.: 08:00 - 13:00

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