Hafenspitz Melk has opened!

Hafenspitz Melk has opened!

With great joy, the new attractive Hafenspitz was opened on April 8th, together with the state of Lower Austria, represented by the state governor Mag. Johanna Mikl-Leitner, the municipality of Melk, Melk Abbey, BRANDNER Schifffahrt and the DDSG Blue Danube! Now the more than 600,000 arriving ship tourists are offered to a modern new entrance to the city of Melk. Donau Schiffsstations co-financed this future-oriented project and supported it with resources!


  • A new double pontoon (DST 9) was built for sightseeing cruises on the Danube, while the Danube station (DST 41) was relocated to the old arm for cabin shipping and now offers a breathtaking view of Melk Abbey.
  • Shore power connections were prepared and the disposal facilities for the ships were expanded, and numerous bus and car parking spaces were created.
  • A promenade with a walk-in fountain, many benches to relax and shaded areas will be built.
  • WLAN is provided in the entire Hafenspitz area, and top modern lighting will illuminate the attractive square and the entrances to the Danube stations in the dark.
  • A new ticketing building for liner shipping is being built.
  • 2 playgrounds, a new campsite and toilets were built, the cycle path was expanded and the Danube landings were redesigned.
  • Next year the existing ferry house will be converted into a spectacular "Mole Melk".


Photos (c) Franz Gleiß

Hafenspitz Melk has opened!
Hafenspitz Melk has opened!
Hafenspitz Melk has opened!
Hafenspitz Melk has opened!

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