Linz on the Danube is an innovative city of the present day. It combines culture, architecture, nature and commerce to form a harmonious whole. The European City of Culture in 2009 bore the slogan 'Linz.changes' and lives according to this maxim. Modern architecture blends in with the baroque buildings. Contemporary art, the world of technology, interactive experiences and adventures, and green oases all await visitors to one of the most successful cities in Austria. 'Culture for all' is another key philosophy put into practice in Linz in many places, and at many events and exhibitions.




The town of Grein is situated in a small bay at the entrance to Strudengau, a narrow 25km valley along the Danube. The Danube Festival Weeks in Strudengau and the Grein Summer Festival are part of a comprehensive programme of cultural attractions held in the historical town. The Grein Stadttheater is considered to be the oldest secular theatre in Austria to have been preserved in its origial form. A tour of Schloss Greinburg Palace with its 'Stone Theatre' is a must. The Upper Austrian Shipping Museum provides a comprehensive history of shipping on the river. After seeing the sights, two well-known coffee shops are perfect places to sit back and relax - the Biedermeier period café 'Blumensträußl', and café 'Schörgi' - directly opposite the Danube station.




The name of the area is related to the dangerous part of the Danube where once the riverbed was embedded with rocks that produced dreaded whirlpools. Today, Strudengau stands for top quality cultural attractions and a wonderful choice of pleasant cycling and trekking options. The mystical Stillensteinklamm gorge, the old Stadttheater in Grein, Schloss Greinburg Palace and the quaint Biedermeier cafe provide just a small selection of the things to see and do.



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